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Powder coating is an ideal way to add both a protective and aesthetic coating to your metal product. It is applied as a powder and baked at a high temperature to cure the powder and set it solid - this creates a highly protective coating for your metal to eliminate the risk of rusting and corrosion.

• Shot blasting - over time metal can rust or paint can peel off and need reapplying.

• Shot blasting can remove unwanted materials and leave a clean surface

• De-greasing

• "T" washing

Metal components can be painted in any colour to suit a purpose - ideal if you want a product to match your company colours! You can also choose your finish, including plain colour, clear, metallic or textured.


• Epoxy - For superior mechanical performance and corrosion resistance

• Epoxy polyester - Suitable for both decorative and anti-corrosive finishes

• Low baker polyester - For when exceptional gloss and colour retention are required


So if you want to combine metal protection with a colourful finish, please call to discuss how we can help with your product.

Protective coatings to suit all metals

Powder Coating - make your component last

Choose your colour & finish

Why use powder coating?

• Beautiful & uniform finish with no paint runs

• Cost-effective - regardless of quantity

• Quick turnaround times

• Protection against ultra-violet fading

• Exceptional gloss & colour retention

• Robust mechanical & chemical performance

• Electrical insulation properties

• Applicable to steel, zinc, brass & aluminium

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